• photo from Skate Spot Survey

    Skate Spot Survey

    October 2, 2011

    With respect to a developing project of ours, we have launched a survey to help gather real-time data from local skaters in the Virginia, DC, ...

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  • photo from May Meeting Recap

    May Meeting Recap

    May 22, 2011

    On Saturday, May 21st, a couple of skateboarders took a break from the afternoon sun at Trailside Skatepark (Herndon) to gather in the shade and ...

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  • photo from <P>Love Skating Skateparks, Don'T Ya?</P>
<P>Well, Loco Skate Project Is Currently Looking For Volunteers To Help Build The Next Skatepark For You To Shred.  Get Involved And You'Ll Be Skating A New Park In No Time.</P>

<P><A Href="../../../../Volunteer" Target="_Blank">Check Out The Volunteer Page</A></P>

    Get Involved!

    Love skating skateparks, don't ya?

    Well, LOCO Skate Project is currently looking for volunteers to help build the next skatepark for you to shred. Get involved and you'll be skating a new park in no time.

    Check out the volunteer page

Who We Are

LOCO Skate Project was created to support skateboarding by advocating for safe and legal skate areas in Northern Virginia.

Our volunteers raise awareness for the safety of skaters and the benefits of having skateparks in a community.